FSWA Staff

FSWA Board of Directors

James Heisey Chairman jheisey@fswaonline.net
Dale Bevans Vice-Chairman dbevans@fswaonline.net
Beverly Martel Member bmartel@fswaonline.net
Richard Rudy Member rrudy@fswaonline.net
Thomas Demler Member (Swatara Twp. Rep.) tdemler@fswaonline.net
Kevin Helms Member kvhelms@fswaonline.net

FSWA Administrative Staff

Lori Poorman Office Manager lpoorman@fswaonline.net
Dorothy Stubblebine Billing Clerk dstubblebine@fswaonline.net
Administrative Information administrator@fswaonline.net
Billing Inquiries billing@fswaonline.net
Office Phone (717) 865-7452
Office Fax (717) 865-0779
Office Hours Monday - Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM

FSWA Operations Staff

Brandon Nye Chief of Water Operations bnye@fswaonline.net
Dustin Keller Chief of Wastewater Operations dkeller@fswaonline.net
Patricia Gerdes Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator tgerdes@fswaonline.net
Martin Uber Maintenance muber@fswaonline.net
Plant Phone (717) 865-0774
Plant Hours Monday - Friday, 6:00AM-2:00PM
EMERGENCY PHONE Follow the Recorded Instructions (717) 865-0774

FSWA Authority Engineer

Steckbeck Engineering and Surveying, Inc. engineer@fswaonline.net
279 N. Zinns Mill Road, Suite A
Lebanon, PA, 17042-9576
Jeffrey D. Steckbeck, P.E. Extension 101 jsteckbeck@steckbeck.net
Paul Lutzkanin, P.E. Extension 109 plutzkanin@steckbeck.net
Engineer Phone: (717) 272-7110
Engineer Fax: (717) 272-7348
Engineer Website: www.steckbeck.net

FSWA Authority Solicitor

Fitzgibbons Law Offices solicitor@fswaonline.net
279 N. Zinns Mill Road, Suite D
Lebanon, PA, 17042-9576
Anthony J. Fitzgibbons, Esq. tony@ajflaw.net
Solicitor Phone: (717) 279-8313
Solicitor Fax: (717) 272-0918