FSWA Current Facilities and Projects

FSWA Little Swatara Creek WWTP

The Fredericksburg Sewer & Water Authority currently owns and operates two (2) wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), five (5) wastewater pumping stations, three (3) wells and three water storage facilities.

The Fredericksburg Little Swatara Creek WWTP is located off Greble Road, south of Fredericksburg, and serves the residents and businesses of the Village of Fredericksburg as well as the newly connected South Fredericksburg Service Area. Built in 2013 and brought online in April 2014, the plant is a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) type plant and is permitted to treat up to 433,000 gallons per day. To accommodate growth in the Fredericksburg area, the plant can be easily expanded to treat 650,000 gallons daily by the addition of a third treatment basin. The Fredericksburg collection system includes four (4) pump stations to help convey sewage to the plant. A large sewer interceptor to convey all sewer flows to the new WWTP was installed along Deep Run and Elizabeth Run.

A mandate by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) to provide sewer in the South Fredericksburg area, in addition to proposed residential and business growth, created the need for the larger wastewater treatment plant. The PA DEP mandate was made due to soils in the area being unsuitable for on-lot septic systems. Many systems in the South Fredericksburg area are failing or have suspected failures and are contaminating the wells used by many of the residents.

Monroe Valley WWTP

The Authority also owns and operates the Monroe Valley WWTP and sanitary sewer collection system including a 100,000 gallon per day SBR treatment plant, a suction lift pump station and over 3.4 miles of collection sewers, force main, laterals and outfall sewers. This plant, placed into operation in July 2007, is the result of cooperation between the Authority, Bethel Township and Swatara Township. Both Townships had a PA DEP mandate to provide public sewer due to failing septic systems and contaminated wells, lakes and streams. Rather than construct separate plants, the Townships and Authority worked together to construct one sanitary sewer system to serve both municipalities and reduce the costs for all users.

Historically, the FSWA has utilized groundwater wells as the primary source of water for its Fredericksburg customers. In 1997, the City of Lebanon was added as a water source through a long interconnection pipe which runs to Jonestown. This interconnection was necessary to augment the wells due to increasing demand from the growing chicken industry in the area. FSWA is permitted to withdraw up to 377,000 gallons per day from their three active wells. The water is pumped into a 175,000 gallon reservoir where it is treated with chlorine.

1M Gallon Tank

Large pumps then transfer the water to a pair of 1 million gallon elevated water tanks. The tanks were constructed in 2005 and 2012 and are located just off Legionaire Drive and West Main Street, respectively. Along with the transfer pumps, these tanks help pressurize the water distribution system and provide emergency water in case of a fire. Water consumption sometimes exceeds the well supply so FSWA maintains an interconnection with the City of Lebanon Authority (CoLA) and they purchase additional water as necessary to satisfy customer demand.

Just as with the sewer system, the proposed residential and business growth and the future addition of South Fredericksburg as water customers creates the need for more capacity. FSWA is preparing to add more water sources to their system to help meet demand. This is a long process involving both the PA DEP and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC).

FSWA is always looking for ways to cut operating costs while maintaining or improving service to their customers. Recent projects to meet these goals are as follows:

To assist in funding these projects and keep user rates as low as possible, the Authority applies for all possible grants and low interest loans provided by federal, state and county agencies. Recent applications and awards are as follows:

Pennsylvania Infrastructure Reinvestment Authority (PENNVEST) Project Funding Applications:

Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) – Growing Greener II Grant Applications:

Commonwealth Financing Authority – H2O PA Grant Applications: